Chechen Girls Troll ISIS With Fake These three ladies from the Caucasus pulled a quick one on jihadis fishing for mail-order brides.

ISIS bride, meet Russian bride that is mail-order meet classic online scam. A small grouping of young Chechen women crafted an excellent online money-making scheme, all within the title of ripping down ISIS recruiters—whom they really duped with the exact same techniques your grand-parents fall for when they read their spam inbox.

The ladies had been recently detained by regional authorities for presumably leading on ISIS recruiters when it comes to cash then bailing to their trips to Syria, relating to Russian website Life News. The women that are young evidently been contacted on the internet by jihadis, and made a decision to play along. These were happy to go battle, the ladies apparently stated, should they got travel funds. For ISIS recruiters, who usually ply their online goals with cash and gift ideas, it absolutely was a request that is standard.

However the females never ever turned up in Syria.

They’d scammed the utopia-promising jihadi scammers: following the cable transfers came through, the Chechens would block the jihadi they’d been interacting with and disappear—then they’d repeat the process.