Having inside the head of an entrée counselor gives you parents along with students priceless information as well as insight. Parliament Tutors can be conducting selection interviews with admission counselors all across the country and so they requested to post one on my blog. I was willing to oblige because the answers thus to their questions grant applicants a concept of the actual consider that they are important in the college applying it process.

A special thanks to Jordan Hassell for engaged in our Admissions Spotlight Series. Mrs. Hassell is an vestibule officer on Berry School in The italian capital, Georgia. Frederick Fernandez from Parliament Tutors conducted the interview.

As an Admission Counselor, exactly what are yo ur day-to-day requirements?

An Admissions Counselor works with college students appreciate it students through the time many people first become interested in Berry College right up until they get started on classes to be a new college student. We go to college fairs and see high academic institutions to share information about Berry. We meet with learners when they check out campus, we correspond with these throughout the admission and grants processes and we read their valuable applications for making recommendations on seuil decisions.
So what can you consider the most significant parts of a license request, the components which job seekers should prepare the most diligently?

At Berry, we are mostly concerned with a good student’s informative record. Students should pay off careful attention to the high school subjects choices, continue to keep a strong GPA in core classes and even maximize most of their SAT/ACT fares.

Just what common pitfalls should appliers be careful to stop?

Keep away from being slow-moving through the software process. You should complete most