Talisa and her husband commemorate Edmure’s wedding to Roslin.

After Edmure Tully marries Roslin Frey, Robb jokes that possibly a mistake was made by him in marrying Talisa, whom feigns offense. This woman is bewildered because of the Westerosi that is traditional bedding which Robb describes proves that the wedding ended up being consummated. Talisa replies that their unborn youngster is latin bride proof enough, and shows that when it is a child they name him Eddard after Robb’s daddy, which Robb agrees to. After the bedding, the doorways are closed as well as the performers start playing “The Rains of Castamere”, which visibly makes Catelyn uneasy.

A pregnant Talisa is stabbed by Lothar Frey.

Lord Walder rises to toast Robb, saying he has yet to provide their brand new queen a marriage present. Realizing they’ve been betrayed, Catelyn slaps Roose throughout the face and yells a warning to Robb, but at that time it really is far too late. As a startled Talisa sits at a dining dining table, Lothar Frey approaches her from behind and begins to over over and over over and over repeatedly stab her into the stomach by having a dagger, fatally wounding her and killing her unborn son or daughter.