Computer Savoir and Information Systems Essay Case in point COMPUTER SCIENCES AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW-HOW Exercise Some sort of From the above, photograph is classic image, 3 is Fourier transform about image even while 3 is known as a centered Fourier transmute for image. Unsurprisingly, the original graphic has a minimal frequency inside the corners even though the frequency at the heart is incredibly high. Additionally , it has a razor-sharp edge in the centre indicating exactly how sharp instantly lines can be utilized in production of extraordinary images. Noteworthy, the fourier transform associated with image some has a hi-frequency at the is bordered by and lighter angles connoting low occurrence. Furthermore, impression 1 as well as 3 are generally opposite of every other. The very centred fourier image three is an cambio of picture; has high frequency in the sides and light delicate edges in its central path.