It’s a sight so common that this has become absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing in short supply of the guideline.

Russian billionaires: Alexander Lebedev, Oleg Burlakov, Anatoliy Danilitskiy, Valentin Ivanov… They’re in your town, buying up flats and driving up house rates. They’re in your workplace, undercutting the market and, sometimes, your competitors’s kneecaps. They’re even yet in your elections, purchasing up candidates and fringe that is backing. Their sons are realer than you on Instagram. Their dogs have actually two-bedrooms in Shoreditch. And their spouses… oh their wives…

Russian billionaires well to the age of your your retirement marry females young adequate to be their granddaughters and beautiful enough to place Victoria’s Secret models to pity. This has nearly become a requirement when it comes to Moscow multi-millionaire clique. All things considered, in the event that you’ve got the cash not to drive around in a 90s Lada, why can you drive around having a 70s Nadya?

Obviously, these liaisons don’t have a lot of to complete with love. There clearly was a complete, multi-million pound industry burning the midnight oil to teach Russian women about how to snag their fantasy spouse, be it an abundant expat in the prowl in Moscow or a nearby, ludicrously rich billionaire.